Yaniv Shalev

Yaniv Shalev

AOL Israel Site Lead | CTO at Convertro

CTO of Convertro and AOL Israel Site Lead, Yaniv is a rare blend of tech wizard, growth hacker and management guru.

In the course of his career, Yaniv has successfully synthesized his talents as a data architect and growth architect, playing an instrumental role in managing Convertro’s metamorphosis from precocious tech startup in Santa Monica, Ca., into one of the industry’s most successful cross-platform marketing attributions tools, with a $101M acquisition by AOL in 2014 and an R&D center in Israel.

At Converto Yaniv has applied his entrepreneurial spirit to cultivating (and rapidly scaling up) an open, collaborative and innovation-driven culture where teams are encouraged to fail fast and engage actively in every aspect of the company’s product development.

Throughout his career Yaniv has dedicated his energies to helping companies find more powerful ways to leverage their internal data to better measure, personalize and optimize their business activities. At LivePerson in 2008, he built a sophisticated real time analytics platform when deep knowledge about Big Data was still scarce. Joining Convertro in 2011, he led the early development of Convertro’s massive event and stream processing systems. As someone who usually prefers to let the data do the talking, Yaniv is a great believer in helping people realize their full potential and puts his wide experience to mentoring peers within Israel’s startup community.

Presentations by Yaniv Shalev:

  • DevconTLV March 2016 Conference, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 08:50

    Finding the effectiveness of a Marketing campaign is complex. Working with Fortune 500 companies in their conversion of customers on their million dollar marketing campaigns is extremely complex. Data comes from a multitude of sources and algorithms must be built to understand their data and answer tough questions. Data must be accurate, algorithms must be novel and dashboards must provide correct insights. Dashboards give marketers the ability to make order, see what's important, make decisions and act. And they needs answers FAST. How fast?

    We visualize 300TB of data in less than 5 seconds. Why, because if we can do this marketers win and if they can win we win. 

    This talk will explain the techniques and lessons learned of how to create interactive deep analytics dashboards of very large data sets.

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