Rounds Analytics Pipeline

DevconTLV March 2016 Conference, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 13:50

How do we collect analytics at Rounds. We have build a pipeline that starts at the user mobile device and flow via our collecting servers (written in golang) until in inserted into BigQuery and Elasticsearch cluster. We will share our experience and the journey that we have made until we reached our current system

A passionate developer, designer, and manager of software with over 20 years of experience, Aviv codes and solves technical problems with a combination of strong creativity and powerful technical skill. He is experienced in project management (planning, procurement, manufacturing, and finance), independent development, and system designs, and has experience in the managing of both small and large teams (over 200 people). Prior to joining Rounds, Aviv held senior management positions at several hi-tech companies including TechFinancials, Comverse and In his spare time, Aviv enjoys spending time with his family and ultrarunning.

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