StormRunner Load - would Node.js be your first choice?

DevconTLV March 2016 Conference, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 14:20


Imagine - you have an idea. You are going to develop a brand new Web, Cloud based, As-A-Service product from scratch.

It is a natural successor of your existing de facto standard of performance testing tool for about two decades.

How would you approach it? What are the technologies you had in mind to support high volume traffic and data on the cloud? The technical spectrum is wide – Google Go, Node.js, Rust, go native to C++? What about your fun? We are all dev people. We want to be modern, want people to use what we are doing  and enjoy ourselves during the process.

In this short presentation I would try and address most of these issues. I will describe our architecture and share our behind-the-scene considerations and hesitations.

Eyal Nadler

Eyal Nadler

System architect, StormRunner Load

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Develop with fun, always get better, it will keep you in motion J.

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