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Ben Lovell
Julian  Cheal


There are two sides to monitoring – exposing problems with alerts and acting upon those alerts to find solutions to the exposed problem. For exposing problems, users can define any script for Consul to... (Read More)
Seth Vargo


Finding the effectiveness of a Marketing campaign is complex. Working with Fortune 500 companies in their conversion of customers on their million dollar marketing campaigns is extremely complex. Data comes from... (Read More)
Yaniv Shalev


Micro-services are the new kid in the block. Everyone are talking about them. Everyone wanna do them. But what makes a service into a micro-service? how large should a micro-service be? what advantages does it... (Read More)
Yoav Abrahami


In this session we will go over the fundamental of Docker & Docker compose.

We will show how to migrate your application to micro-service  in easy and efficient way.

The session will include a live... (Read More)
Raziel Tabib
Oleg Verhovsky


In the current technical world, SaaS providers have plenty to help them out: from public clouds, to containers. From microservices architectures, to limitless scaling potential. But when you need to deploy... (Read More)
Issac Goldstand




With more than 75 million users who have created 27 million family trees containing over 1.8 billion individuals, and over 6 billion historical documents, records and newspapers, MyHeritage has become the... (Read More)
Nir  Sharony


CPU core counts continue to grow, along with the raw speed of networking and storage devices available on a modern system. Software design approaches that were valid and safe even a few years ago are no... (Read More)
Dor Laor


Standing outside the microservices world and hearing all the trends and ideas running around can be a bit confusing. In this lecture Lior will share some insights that will make the entrance to the microservices... (Read More)
Lior Bar-On






Production Map is an open source IDE for DevOps

Ilan Yaniv


If a customer changes their address, it's often not enough to update their master data record. E.g. the component processing customer orders might have to learn about the update in order to ship to the correct... (Read More)
Kerstin Puschke



Imagine - you have an idea. You are going to develop a brand new Web, Cloud based, As-A-Service product from scratch.

It is a natural successor of your existing de facto standard of performance testing... (Read More)
Eyal Nadler




The year 2015 put containers in the spotlight, but now that everyone is using Docker it is time to put containers in production. Grid clusters are again on the rise, this time in the form of Google Kubernetes,... (Read More)


Configuration management tools has been evolving for the last 10 years with each newcomer pretending to cure the illnesses of their predecessors. Now that most of us agree that codifying our infrastructure is... (Read More)


How we transformed ironSource's BigData pipeline - ironBeast into Docker containers.
Shimon Tolts




90min is sports media platform with more than 45 million unique monthly users.

We had to scale our infrastructure very quickly, we made a lot of mistakes but we are getting their.

One of our latest... (Read More)
Eddy Kiselman


We analyze the importance of two types of engagement signals in the domain of digital publishing: (1) content popularity, measured by page-views & click-through rates within the Outbrain network, and (2)... (Read More)
Roy Sasson


How do we collect analytics at Rounds. We have build a pipeline that starts at the user mobile device and flow via our collecting servers (written in golang) until in inserted into BigQuery and Elasticsearch... (Read More)
Aviv Laufer


The 'Black Friday fail' is the greatest fear of every major online retailer. Since downtime equals money, and in Black Friday it means quite a lot of money.

But the sad truth is that a failure of a service is... (Read More)
Omri Fima




In the presentation Sagy will demonstrate his take on the style of TDD described in the book Growing OO Systems Guided By Tests written by Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman.

Sagy will show how to apply the... (Read More)
Sagy Rozman


The Actor Model is an alternative approach to writing concurrent software without the problems introduced by multithreaded concurrency.

“Virtual Actors” are a new development of the actor model, aimed for... (Read More)
Rotem Hermon


Deep Learning methods have become vastly popular in recent years and seem to beat the state of the art in almost every image classification benchmark. The purpose of this talk is to give a "how-to" introductory... (Read More)
Gil Levi
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